Statewide Data Updated
Through June 30.

Every year, The Star-Ledger takes a comprehensive look at home sales throughout the state. The analysis is based on a giant database of home sales compiled by the state and includes every recorded real estate transaction.

This is your chance to examine this database. On this site, you'll be able to get historical sale prices for your town, examine and map sales in your neighborhood, search names to see who has bought and sold real estate, and rank towns to see where the market has been the hottest.

The data on this site differs from other sources of information. The National Association of Realtors, for instance, publishes quarterly data on prices that is more up to date than this data set -- but that information is only published in aggregate and cannot be parsed down to the town level.

Because this is statewide data collected at the local level and funneled up to Trenton, the data lags behind the calendar. However, we feel it is the most comprehensive source of such information publicly available. As always, please e-mail us with any comments or suggestions.