Wage & Occupation Data
 for New Jersey and the U.S..

In these times of high taxes, New Jersey residents are as concerned with public spending as ever. And the debate over public money often swirls around the compensation of public officials. ***

This site allows you to see for yourself. Through the state's Open Public Records Act, the Star-Ledger regularly obtains salary information from several sources: The State Department of Personnel tracks the payroll of state employees; the Division of Pensions and Benefits has databases of state and local employees who are covered by state administered pension plans, as well as the retirees drawing checks out of these funds. Lastly, the Department of Education maintains a separate payroll of all licensed educators -- teachers and administrators alike.

All of these databases can be searched by name, or you can get a list by employer, from top to bottom. These databases are updated regularly, so check back often to get the latest information.  As always, please e-mail us with any comments or suggestions.