The Montclair Revaluation

Montclair's tax roll has been fully updated for the first time since 1989. In a community where the average homeowner pays more than $13,500, the shifts caused by the revaluation are substantial.

More than 2,500 homeowners will see their bill rise by at least $1,000 -- while nearly 3,200 homeowners will see their bills drop by a similar amount.

Of course, those changes are based simply on the shifts caused by the revaluation. When new school, municipal and county budgets are eventually factored in, the overall tax levy will undoubtedly rise -- Montclair taxes have risen between 4 and 8 percent annually this decade.

You and Your Neighbors
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This site will allow you to see how the revaluation impacted tax assessments on your street and in your neighborhood. Data was provided to The Star-Ledger by Appraisal Systems Inc., the firm which conducted the revaluation, and was current as of mid-February.

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