The 2005 Star-Ledger Tax Trauma Index

 Property taxes are rising and homeowners are clamoring for relief, so lawmakers in Trenton have embarked on a new round of reform talks. With property taxes so much in the news, The Star-Ledger has revived its Tax Trauma Index.

The Index, which first appeared in 2002, is an effort to put property taxes into a better context. The usual measure of property tax comparison is the average bill paid by homeowners in each of New Jersey's 566 towns. The Index takes that figure as a starting point, and then incorporates two other vital statistics: the market value of homes required to pay the average tax bill, and the average income of homeowners in each community.

This site allows you to compare towns in any county, and to enter your own data and see how your personal situation compares with that of other taxpayers. To begin, choose one of the options below:

YOUR COUNTY:  Select your county and see what the Index has to say about your town, or rank towns based on the various components of the Index. YOUR DATA: Enter numbers that reflect your personal situation and see how they compare with other taxpayers in the state.

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